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Water Tank Repairing

Water Tank Repairing & GRP Lining Works

Cracks, leaks, corrosion and flaking material , all damage the integrity of potable water tanks and this in turn can lead to contamination of the water system. Internal re-coating of tanks and crack repair works both prolong the life of water tanks and reservoirs for many more years and protects water quality throughout the system.

Team Stalwart are specialists in water storage tanks and water system refurbishment works. We refurbish all types and sizes of water storage tanks and reservoirs. We utilize the latest fibre coating and crack repair technology.

All our staff has Dubai Municipality Health cards, confined space training, work at heights training and EHS training to ensure safe work practices. Our tool kits include dust extraction systems, chemical resistant face mask with activated charcoal filters , specialist escape systems (specialist mechanical ventilation systems) with 10 minute escape sets, man retrieval equipments (tripods/winch) and specialist escape stretchers to ensure complete safety at all times. We utilize specialist preparation methods and equipments to prepare the tank prior to coating, to ensure a good surface base layer and utilize coating thickness instruments to ensure manufacturers coating specifications are met, ensuring a long trouble free life to the coatings.

Is GRP lining important?

Over time concrete tanks can crack through settlement and environmental influences such as extreme heat. If not repaired quickly these cracks can be widened further extreme heat can lead to many problems including water loss and ingress of contamination. Utilizing highly flexible crack repair banding it is possible to repair tank integrity and prevent further cracking.

  • All materials are Dubai Municipality approved for use in potable water systems and are applied under strict environmentally controlled conditions by well experienced and trained staff.
  • Our cleaning and disinfection team can ensure that once repairs and refurbishment have been carried out, the tank is left disinfected and ready for use.
  • With proper planning and by working with onsite engineers, downtime can be minimized.
  • The concrete water tank surface being porous, GRP lining does not allow for any contaminant from outside seeping into the tank and contaminating the potable water.
  • It also prevents the corrosion/rusting of the iron bars in the concrete structure of the tank, from contaminating the drinking water.
  • It does not allow algae or fungus to form on the surface of the tank from within.
  • It makes water tank cleaning easy as GRP lining prevents organic deposits and build ups on the internal wall surface.
  • The porous surface pose high risk of contamination by providing shelter for microbes, so not recommended inside water tanks for domestic use.
  • Since the material used to construct the water tank is porous, the GRP prevents the water from corroding the iron bars within the tank structure thus ensuring longer life span for the tank so ultimately ensuring the life span of the building itself.

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Water Tank Repairing
Water Tank Repairing
Water Tank Repairing
Water Tank Repairing